Collodion Products

Important notice on Collodion Availability!

Lyondellbasell announce they have discontinued manufacturing diethyl ether in late August. They were the only manufacture of ether in North America and this has caused a worldwide shortage. We have tested and ordered diethyl ether from overseas, but this will take time to ship to us. We are are expecting to have Collodion USP and Collodion HV available by early December. 

What should you do?

Mavidon has an alternative: Collodion A10

 Collodion A10 is a Nitrocellulose solution (just like Collodion USP and HV). However instead of ether it is acetone based solvent. Keep in mind that it will take approximately 60 seconds longer to dry. Once dried completely it will have the same strength as the other collodions. 

4 Types of Collodion