Collodion Remover

Collodion Remover Painless removal of medical adhesive devices from the skin Collodion Remover from Mavidon gently removes  adhesives such as surgical tape, athletic tapes, tape residue, electrode adhesive, collodion and much more. A proprietary blend of mild solvents designed to penetrate tapes and soften adhesives to facilitate removal. Frequently adhesives leave residue on the skin. With it’s slow evaporation rate MAR will leave less (if any) residue of adhesive. To remove any residue, simply wash off completely with any mild soap and water. 

  • The product may be used for all age groups
  • May also be used to clean (non-LDPE plastic) medical applicators by soaking for 10-15 minutes. Wash any residue off with soap and water.
  • Intended Use: 
  • Collodion: Apply liberally to each electrode site. After soaking each site the first electrode will be loosening up. The oily feeling is a moisturizing oil which we included in our product to help dissolve collodion and protects the skin and hair from drying out. After removing all the electrodes, comb out as much of the collodion residue as possible. We recommend that you leave the remover in the hair until the patient washes his/her hair. The benefit of this is that the remover will continue to work on the residue and once washed out with shampoo you will find virtually no residue left. However, please take caution because the remover will melt LDPE plastics (hearing aids, glasses, car seats, phones….etc)
  • Tapes: Apply liberally to saturate tape and let stand for a few minutes. Once corners start loosening remove tape slowly and reapply to under layers if necessary. 
  • Adhesive Residue: Saturate residue and let stand for 30 seconds. As residue loosens remove it with gauze or towel.