Since 1993, Mavidon has provided essential products in neurology. Offering consumable items for the attachment and removal of EEG electrodes for long-term monitoring. We are the largest manufacture/distributor including four types of non-flexible Collodion, Collodion Removers, Skin Preps and many accesories.

Using our expertise in both medical products and natural products we have developed specialty products for many and everyday use.
These include:
Personal Care

Natural • Powerful • Safe  Economical

MaviGreen continues to prove our sceptics wrong.

Why use harsh chemicals in your home, office or company?

Why pay for plastic bottles, water, shipping cost?

Our Business Partners

We have built a reputation of developing high end products for the needs of many business partners in many market sectors.
Among these are:

Arts and Material
Window Tinting
Natural Product
What can we do for your Business?

The Mavidon Story

In 1986, Mavidon Corp. began distributing Collodion USP, Electrode Gel and Acetone to EEG facilities in the U.S. Mavidon continued to develop new products to better serve the neurodiagnostic needs. In 1993, Mavidon Medical Products was formed as a separate entity, under the leadership of Tim Carroll, to focus on healthcare and specialty products. New products introduced during the succeeding years included Collodion Remover, Collodion HV, Lemon Prep, Green Prep, and Medical Adhesive Remover.