SDS and Product Specs

Mavidon uses The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) To Learn how to interpet the SDS see the UNGHS Purple Book

Do SDS have an Expiration?

With the new SDS format that we currently use there is no expiration to the SDS unless there is significant change of information:

29 CFR 1910.1200(g)(5) states, “The chemical manufacturer, importer or employer preparing the safety data sheet shall ensure that the information provided accurately reflects the scientific evidence used in making the hazard classification. If the chemical manufacturer, importer or employer preparing the safety data sheet becomes newly aware of any significant information regarding the hazards of a chemical, or ways to protect against the hazards, this new information shall be added to the safety data sheet within three months. If the chemical is not currently being produced or imported the chemical manufacturer or importer shall add the information to the safety data sheet before the chemical is introduced into the workplace again.”

This is the only reference to an “expiration” or time-frame for re-writing within the OSHA regulations.

This link:

describes in Section 16 that the date when the SDS was prepared or date of last revision must be shown. There is never an expiration date.

Canada did have a 3 year shelf life, but this has recently changed with them adoption GHS As well.

When we do have a need to revise our SDS we will post in on our website and you can always verify that you have the most updated SDS by checking there.

Tim Carroll